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sobota 14. září 2013

Accessibility is a part of WebExpo 2013

WebExpo Prague 2013 conference is going to take place next week and I am very happy that this year there is a series of talks on accessibility as a part of the programme.

There are three talks concerning accessibility:

According their descriptions, all talks look very interesting and worth seeing. And moreover, these talks also probably will bring a slightly different approach to accessibility. Andrew is going to talk about better typing experience for not only disabled typists, Jakub focuses on implementing pages suited for High Contrast Mode, and my topic could be summarized in one sentence - accessibility is for the majority, not the minority.

As in the previous years, because of the obligingness of WebExpo team, I and my colleague Roman will have an accessibility booth during the whole conference and we will be ready to help you with the accessibility issues. As usual, we will have some assistive technologies with us, so we can evaluate your website or app right on the spot.

Do you want to make a quick accessibility evaluation of your website or application for iOS or Android? Are you interested in assistive technologies for the blind and partially sighted users? Are you courious what benefits accessibility brings to all users? Then come and join us. We will be very happy to share our knowledge and help you to make your web or app as accessible as it would be possible. We will give our services free of charge during the conference for all WebExpo participants.

Of course accessibility is not the only reason why to attend WebExpo. There are a lot of interesting talks on agenda and many other activities including workshops, parties, networking, etc.

Still don't have your ticket? Then don't hesitate, buy your ticket now and come to WebExpo. I am looking forward to meeting you there.

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